Kris Aquino May Banta Sa Mga ‘Aquino Haters’:

December 01, 2017

The queen of talk and popular member of the Aquino family, Kris Aquino have been very vocal that although she is not inclined to seek any government position, she is not closing her doors to politics.

In her recent social media post, Kris gave an open-ended threat to what she referred to as “Aquino haters” for dragging her sister’s name to political controversies.

In her Instagram post, Kris explained how much she loved her siblings including former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino, Balsy, Pinky, and Viel. But among all her elder siblings, she admitted that her Ate Balsy is the one she loves the most.

Kris narrated how her Ate Balsy has been with her through ups and downs in life amidst all the controversy she faced in the showbiz industry.

That is why she made a threat to all malicious people dragging her Ate Balsy’s name to controversies.
“So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst,” Kris wrote.
“I mean it when i say for my Ate i will take a bullet,” she added.
Kris’s statement prompted after Balsy and her husband Edon Cruz’s names were dragged in the General Santos Road Scandal which was funded P8.7 billion by the Aquino administration but the road could not be found.

Kris also gave an open-ended threat to the “Aquino haters”: “Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true,” she said.


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