Calida to Trillanes: "I challenge Him, You Do A Coup D'etat Now And We'll See If You Are Brave"

October 04, 2017
Solicitor General Jose Calida on Wednesday slammed Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for asking President Rodrigo Duterte to sign bank secrecy waivers.

"Anong akala niya sa Presidente--uto-uto? Who in his right mind will sign something like a waiver... at the instance of this public nuisance?" Calida said in a press conference.
"Trillanes is giving an order to the President. Tama ba 'yon? Who is he? This guy appears to be brave, bravado... I challenge him, you do a coup d'etat now and we'll see if you are brave. Madami ngayon ang bagong hotel. Maybe he can bring his Magdalo cohorts, capture a hotel, and see how brave he is," Calida added.

Trillanes, a staunch critic of the Duterte administration, had repeatedly asked Duterte to sign bank waivers following his allegations that the President has more than P2 billion in his bank accounts.

Duterte, for his part, also accused the lawmaker of having overseas bank accounts in several countries including Singapore.

Trillanes visited DBS Bank in Singapore last month, wherein he was told that his alleged offshore bank accounts did not exist.



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