WATCH: Filipina-Taiwanese Defended Duterte’s Drug On Wars On Taiwanese TV show

September 27, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs has gained a lot of negative reactions from both Filipino citizens and government officials since the day he implemented it. They associated all kinds of drug killings as extra-judicial killings but have not proven it in courts.

Because of these negative reactions, the mainstream media also covers and airs a lot of negative side of the President’s war on drugs which also caught the attention of international viewers.
But since the international audience only sees one side of the President’s advocacy, Duterte’s supporters are to the rescue to make them understand his policy against drugs.

One example of these supporters is Gen, a Filipino-Taiwanese founder of PhilTai Foundation and PhilThai TV who seats in an interview with Taiwanese TV show “World Focus Youth Talk” composed of 10 student panels discussing Duterte’s drug on wars in the Philippines.

First, the panel was shown a 3-minute video clip showing the massive killings brought by the war on drugs. After the clip, Gen had a chance to explain the President’s policy from his advocacy in eliminating drugs, corruption, and crimes, to having a list of drug users forwarded to authorities, and police operation in targeting drug suspects.

She explained that what the media showed is a misinterpretation of the President’s campaign against drugs. Gen added that all of these drug suspects were ask peacefully to surrender themselves so the government could provide them proper rehabilitation. But when a suspect resort to violence in resistance of their arrest that is the time police will use their force.

Watch the full interview below:



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