Pres, Duterte: I want to resign . I am not happy anymore

September 28, 2017
Despite the power that his office brings, President Rodrigo Duterte has found that it can also get lonely at the top.

In a speech at the 17th founding anniversary of  Digos in Davao Del Sur  Friday (September 8), Duterte confessed he wants to quit.

"In all honesty, I want to resign . I am not happy anymore. I thought, I would be happy for all time , but the sheer burden of the Presidency is really taking its toll," he said in  Bisaya.

"I no longer have the luxury of being at peace with myself. That's Why I would really fly to Davao because it;s only there that i get energized. In Malacañang, i'm all alone," Duterte added

The President has said he will resign if anyone proves a member of his family is involved in corruption, as long as the evidence didn't come from Senator Antonio  Trillanes IV.

SOURCE: Politics


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