April Boy Cries. Thank you my beloved president, for giving me hope

September 26, 2017
DAVAO CITY, Philippines - The jukebox king April Boy Regino cries as he expressed his gratitude to President Rodrigo Duterte for helping him survive

April Boy Regino was lost his eyesight of diabetes, but now slowly he is recuperating, April Boy Regino Cried as he revealed to Davao media how President Duterte interverned when he was down and out.

Regino said that until now the president still continues to support him.

During the "get together" dinner at the Matina Enclaves Friday night, Enclaves Friday night, the popular singer told Davao media . He never expected Duterte to call him

April Boy Regino retired from showbiz due to prostate cancer but he was healed. recently suffering from diabetes. April Boy said she was almost blind and had an operation to see again.

In 2015,April Boy Regino discovered he had a diabetes illness, which caused his lose of his vision.

April Boy Regino also opened a Resto Bar, which keeps him busy. he also admitted the he has lost hope, until President Duterte called him and gave him the courage.

He once said " Wala na po akong ganang kumanta. Simula po nung nabulag ako eh, para bang nawalan na ako ng pag-asa sa buhay ko, nawalan na ako ng ganang mabuhay, kaya hindi ko na inisip na kakanta pa uli ako."he said , adding that he opened his bar to keep him busy.

"I lost my inspiration to sing since I lost my eyesight, I feel like I lost hope to live, lost will to survive, I didn't entertain the thought of singing."

April Boy Regino said  he gained strength from President Duterte, who is  supporting him and his wife in their day to day living

"Maraming ,Maraming salamat po mahal na pangulo, Kaya po ako bumangon. (Thank you, Thank you my beloved president, that's why I am coping)."

Duterte accepts Regino's services to sing some public functions.


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