Star witness Mark Taguba, in P6.4-B shabu smuggling probe, is not a legitimate customs broker

August 11, 2017

According to an accredited organization of customs brokers, Mark taguba is not a legitimate customs broker as he was identified in the House inquiries into the illegal transportation of P6.4 billion worth of shabu into the country.

"For the information and guidance of the public, Mr. Taguba, is not a customs broker and not a member of the customs broker profession," the Chamber of Customs Brokers, Inc. (CCBI) said in a statement.

"Accordingly, we request the members of Congress and media practitioners not to continuously address him customs broker," the chamber said.

Taguba became recognized as a private customs broker when the house Committee on Dangerous Drugs granted him legislative immunity so he may want to name individuals who supposedly accept bribes to hurry up the processing and releasing of shipments via the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

They're also prohibited from indicating that they're qualified to practice the career until they bypass the customs broker licensure exams, given by means of the professional Regulatory Board for Customs brokers, and acquire a license to practice from the Professional Regulation Commission.

"CCBI will not hesitate to initiate forthwith appropriate legal action/s against anyone to protect its legitimate members against any unauthorized use of the title 'customs broker' at the expense of the customs broker profession," the group said.

Taguba also named Customs deputy commissioner Teddy Raval, Manila international Container Port (MCIP) district collector Vincent Maronilla, MCIP CIIS district intelligence officer Teodoro Sagaral, one deceased Major Gutierrez, a certain Maita, and one Jayson – whose last names he did not have.

During another hearing on Wednesday, Taguba revealed a "customs broker" supposedly runs a biggeroperation related to the weekly release of 250 boxes via customs.



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