‘Best intel cop’" Was killed in their third drug buy bust, shot by an improvised shotgun of a drug suspect

August 21, 2017

In his third Anti-drug mission, a police credit with 65 recent arrests and described his superior as " The best intelligence officer officer I know" was killed by a shabu " peddler in Antipolo City.

Chief of Police Special Operations Unit of Rizal province, Senior Insp. Mark Gil Garcia, 37, has a team that took buy-bust operation shoortly before 8 pm. On Friday in Sitio Maagay 1, Barangay Inarawan.
After Malana handed over P300 worth of shabu, he found out that it was a trap and ran back to their house, prompting Garcia to Follow him, The partner of Malana was shot dead, While Garcia goes to Malana's house , the suspect shot the officer in an improvised shotgun, reaching the left thigh.

Malana also killed by other police officers, but Garcia also died afte two hours due to blood loss at the Antipolo District Hospital.

"He is one of my Most Hardworking , best and brightest police officers. He worked nonstop," Enong said

Garcia led operations that resulted in the arrest of 65 drug suspects in Rizal since June. “That’s practically one arrest per day,” Enong noted.

“He is the best intelligence officer I have ever known. He was not expected to be in the operations—he only had to supervise them—but he was there. He was a good leader,” Enong said, adding that posthumous honors will be given to the slain officer.

His widow, Judy, recalled pleading with her husband to “take a break” from police work in their last conversation. “But he told me ‘not yet’ since he still had an important thing to do.”

The couple have three young children, the youngest a 2-month-old son. “I don’t know what will happen to us now. I hope they will provide my children with scholarships considering what (their father) had given to the country and to his profession.”

They have three little children, the youngest is a two-year-old son. "I do not know what will happen to us today. I hope they will give scholarships to my children considering what (their father)hade given in the country and in his profession.

President Duterte, who has already sent flowers for the dead, was reportedly scheduled to visit the wake.

SOURCE: inquirer


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