Aguirre to Trillanes: "Should try Showbiz, He is A Good Scriptwriter"

August 18, 2017

On Friday, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguiire II said he was "a good laugh" after finding out about opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's claim that the Cabinet official was "setting the stage to Absolve" the businessman Kenneth Dong smuggling P6.4-B worth of illegal drugs from China

"Senator Trillanes should try his hand in show business. He is proving to be a good scriptwriter," Aguirre said.

Trillanes said Dong could be a state witness to a criminal complaint pending before the Department of Justice (DOJ) involving shabu shipment was "too premature that it is laughable"

“Amusing. I had a good laugh when I read it. We could all use the comic relief he provided," Aguirre said.

"Senator Trillanes is already writing the ending of a story that has yet to start. While it is true that I said that there is a possibility for Mr. Dong to be a state witness, I also said that it will all depend on the determination of Mr. Dong not appearing to be the most guilty. Such a fact has yet to be established."

Dong is one of nine individuals charged by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Monday To import dangerous drugs related to the 602.2 kilos of shabu taken by the NBI and Bureau of Customs operatives from a warehouse in Valenzuela city on May 26.

“Since Senator Trillanes is into story writing nowadays, perhaps he should also tell all concerned and responsible media practitioners where he is hiding the self-confessed media killer Arturo Lascañas, the man who admitted killing media man and radio anchor Jun Pala. Now that is a story worth telling," Aguirre said

Lascañas, a retired policeman and a self-confessed hitman from Davao City, is facing arrest for the murder of Pala, a critic of the former Mayor of Davao City and now President Rodrigo Duterte, in 2003..

Lascañas left the country to go to Singapore on April 8 for fear of his security, after pointing Duterte to the killings allegedly done by the Davao Death Squad (DDS)

Aguirre ordered the NBI to contact the Internation Police Organization (Interpol) to look for Lascañas and find out who helped him to leave the country


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